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Cat & Simo Tesla

Cat & Simo Tesla: partners in life and art         

Based in Atlanta, Cat Tesla is a contemporary artist who mediates before heading into the studio to paint. Her landscapes evolve from several layers of color and glazes applied to canvas or birch, where the landscape is “carved” out of an abstracted background. Many of her abstract works are inspired by water: the surface of water in a lake or pond. Surrounding plants and shapes can also be seen in the mark-making.

Simo is Cat’s studio assistant and business manager. For the past 18 years, they have traveled to shows and galleries exhibiting and selling Cat's original paintings.

Many designers, architects, and art consultants utilize Cat's original paintings in their projects. Not all projects have a budget for original artwork, however. For this reason, Tesla-Studios.com was born.

Tesla-Studios.com is a website where designers, art consultants, and architects can order giclee prints of Cat's artwork in the size they need for their project. Set up an account and order exactly what you need. Fast and easy.

Our Team

Cat Tesla, professional artist

Simo Tesla, Business Manager & Studio Assistant


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Phone:  770.715.3573

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